Hello! This is where we will share photos of some of our landscape design projects located throughout California. Deeter Buckner Design LLC and The Plant Man are based in San Diego, CA.

Our design/build team consists of Michael Buckner, aka The Plant Man, Jenise (Deeter) Buckner, and Conrad Scouton, our hardscape specialist, general contractor and builder (of whatever you need, newly built or remodeled). License #946212.

Design Phases: Consultation, Site Plan, Concept Plan, Installation and Build.

Our design work enhances the outdoor living space by promoting unique, expressive, drought tolerant and sustainable landscapes. The landscape designs reflect the client's personal narrative...their visions, dreams, and expectations throughout the processes.

A 'constant' in our design process is to be 'Nature' sensitive. Our objective is to bring 'Nature' into the design, to include the natural qualities inherent to Southern California and it’s ‘micro climates’- its native rocks, its changing elevations, the unique climates of its canyons, beaches, & interior desert environments.

· Michael Buckner, born and raised in San Diego, has been both a nurseryman, and a landscape designer in Southern California for over 40 years. His design work has been featured in San Diego Home & Garden, Pacific Horticulture, books by Debra Lee Baldwin, and multiple other magazines and newspapers.

· Michael is a nationally 'Certified Judge' for the Cactus and Succulent Society of America, a horticulturalist, a grower of rare and exotic plant materials, a sought after speaker, an avid student of natural history, and a bibliophile.

· Jenise (Deeter) Buckner holds degrees in both Landscape Architecture and Fine Art (MFA, Masters of Fine Art). She taught drawing and black & white photography at SDSU for three years, while earning her masters degree.

Monday, June 9

New Photos of A Stunning Mature Garden in Rancho Santa Fe

This brilliant, mature garden in Rancho Santa Fe was originally designed and installed by Michael and his team some years back.  We recently returned to do one of our magical 'clean ups' in preparation for putting the home on the market.  And as it turns out, the home owners have already received and accepted an offer on the residence!  It certainly proves the point we like to share with our clients "the landscape sells the home"!  

So good to be back to work on the blog!  We've been so bussssyyy, just finished the San Diego Cactus and Succulent annual show...lots of blue ribbons, trophies and sales of plant material over this past weekend.  If you haven't been to a show  before, make sure you go on line and check out the calendar of events for new shows in southern California (Cactus & Succulent clubs exist all over the state).  The show in L.A. at the Huntington is amazing and not that far off.

Thursday, February 13

An Irresistible Colorful, Creative Sustainable Landscape on the Canyons of San Diego - A Wild Life Sanctuary for Both People & Nature!

Note how the following collection of images reflects the afternoon's changing sunlight.  It's the ideal light to document this creative, irresistible and glorious wild life habitat.  It's set along the canyons of San Diego and shares colorful magnificent sustainable plants in a landscape, of statues, rock work, container gardens, a birdbath, a wall of collective gems...and of course the sounds that are inherent to a nature retreat such as this garden is!! Enjoy!!

This garden is a true collaboration between a client's eclectic artistic collections and our team's endeavors to support her personal narrative!!

...More text on this post later...I'm out the door and back on site right now! Yeah nature!


The afternoon sunlight does just that, it lights up the landscape.

These last two photos were taken as the sun went down....


Sustainable?! Of Course! A Smaller Scale, Gorgeous & Intimate Front & Side Gardens, Plus An Inner 'Meditative' Courtyard

It's been a busy new year!! At last I'm able to share new photos of our design team's continued commitment to creating 'cutting edge' sustainable and beautiful 'water wise' garden designs.  Enjoy!  

More photos of current job to come soon!!