Hello! This is where we will share photos of some of our landscape design projects located throughout California. Deeter Buckner Design LLC and The Plant Man are based in San Diego, CA.

Our design/build team consists of Michael Buckner, aka The Plant Man, Jenise (Deeter) Buckner, and Conrad Scouton, our hardscape specialist, general contractor and builder (of whatever you need, newly built or remodeled). License #946212.

Design Phases: Consultation, Site Plan, Concept Plan, Installation and Build.

Our design work enhances the outdoor living space by promoting unique, expressive, drought tolerant and sustainable landscapes. The landscape designs reflect the client's personal narrative...their visions, dreams, and expectations throughout the processes.

A 'constant' in our design process is to be 'Nature' sensitive. Our objective is to bring 'Nature' into the design, to include the natural qualities inherent to Southern California and it’s ‘micro climates’- its native rocks, its changing elevations, the unique climates of its canyons, beaches, & interior desert environments.

· Michael Buckner, born and raised in San Diego, has been both a nurseryman, and a landscape designer in Southern California for over 40 years. His design work has been featured in San Diego Home & Garden, Pacific Horticulture, books by Debra Lee Baldwin, and multiple other magazines and newspapers.

· Michael is a nationally 'Certified Judge' for the Cactus and Succulent Society of America, a horticulturalist, a grower of rare and exotic plant materials, a sought after speaker, an avid student of natural history, and a bibliophile.

· Jenise (Deeter) Buckner holds degrees in both Landscape Architecture and Fine Art (MFA, Masters of Fine Art). She taught drawing and black & white photography at SDSU for three years, while earning her masters degree.

Friday, February 8

Magnificent, Mature Succulent Gardens - Michael Buckner - San Diego

I collected the following photos during a local garden tour which included some fabulous mature succulent and mixed- plant gardens designed and maintained by someone whose well-known for his succulent gardens, and someone I'm fortunate to collaborate with on my own original landscape designs, his name is Michael Buckner. These then are 'Michael's Gardens' and they represent the 'WOW' factor in the differences between the successful mature gardens vs. the newly installed succulent garden.  The newly installed, successful succulent garden naturally needs some time, a few years time, to mature in order to truly showcase its ultimate potential.  These photos are of magnificent gardens. We all want to be surrounded by such gardens!  Note: the photos reveal a seasonal color thing: this time of the year you will see a lot of golds and oranges in the succulent gardens!

The first group of photos represent images of a stunningly beautiful garden located in the hills above Old Town. Enjoy!

This 2nd group of photos showcase an incomparable, colorful succulent garden located in the Pt. Loma area.  When you stand before it - located so close to the ocean - you are reminded of the beauty, color and texture of a coral reef.  The garden's proximity to the ocean also allows for successfully pairing succulents with certain varieties of bromeliads...the result is a unique visual treat! Scroll down to find the photo highlighting one of the planting areas w/both succulent and bromeliads.  

 Succulents and bromeliads growing in the full sun in this over the top beautiful Pt. Loma garden.

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